Friday, May 18, 2012

Saying goodbye to donna summer

Donna Summer, 1948-2012
i couldn't believe how difficult the news of icon donna summer's death took me when it was announced yesterday. i felt as though i had lost an old friend who i hadn't spoken to in awhile. just a few weeks ago i had spent an entire saturday listening to my donna summer record collection that my mother had bestowed upon me some years ago. i have every original record, even the unnoticed (to me) classics from the late eighties and Mistaken Identity from '91. a fond memory i have of my seven year old self is relentlessly begging my mom to put on the 7" I Feel Love record so we could dance around the house singing at the top of our lungs. the power of summer's voice, song writing, and theatrical performing is unparallelled.  throughout the day i found myself attempting to pull myself together, at times failing completely. few people will ever really understand the magic of donna summer and that will forever confound me. i was, however, pleased that my friend, blogger, and fellow music aficionado, quentin harrison, wrote a touching eulogy to summers. as did world famous singer jody watley who wrote on her facebook wall,

Not simply "Disco" Donna Summer also ruled "Pop" Music radio and charts. Her double albums were/are unparalleled...concept albums, few did them better male or female in any genre - her releases for me were events. I couldn't wait to see the cover art, read the liner notes and listen to the music, much of which she helped write. I've been reflective today, will do a blog post to celebrate the fierceness that was and will always be Donna Summer.

in fact many, many artists like, mary j. blige, duran duran, bananarama, kylie minogue, kelly rowland, david guetta, chaka khan, and robyn, have been sharing their memories of donna summer and how she inspired their own music. my sincerest hope is that donna summer is smiling down from heaven feeling the love that we all share for her. 

read the QH Blend's blog, Donna Summer: Black Gypsy Extraordinaire

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