Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My favorite Avengers lineup

The 2nd comic book I ever bought with my hard earned allowance. I was eight.

With the new marvel entertainment film The Avengers about to be released this weekend, i can't help but admit my excitement. truth be known, while i have been collecting comic books for over twenty years, most of which i used reading the avengers comic books, the movie doesn't star one of my favorite lineup of superheroes. you see every few months the team would change and it became an event among fans. it started with my dad and his generation in the sixties and continues today. a friend and i were talking about our favorite members of the team and various events -- basically reliving my childhood as i remember where i was when i first read key moments of avengers history. we also talked about our favorite lineups. looking back, my favorite lineup always had my favorite avenger, the she-hulk, cousin to the world famous, incredible hulk.

regardless if she-hulk appears in the new movie or not, i'm pleased that filmmakers are finally catching up with comic books. when i was young, comic books were okay, but by no means "cool". i was one of the very few in my neighborhood who enjoyed getting lost in the marvel or dc universes. what's more, my dad was able to share something of his childhood with me, and our weekly visit to the comic book store was our regular bonding time. now as an artist i find this medium has had a direct influence on my work, as well as the lessons that i teach to my students. now i'm "cool" among my students because i know everything about the avengers, spider-man, the x-men, etc. what i'm grateful for is that i'm able to turn my love of superheroes into worthwhile projects that help keep students interested in reading, writing, drawing, and more. 

She-Hulk joins the Avengers for the 1st time! She would be a regular member throughout the '80s, known for her strength, beauty, and sense of humor. 

Interior panel: She-Hulk trumps the bad guy! 


  1. It has been a Pandora's Box in terms of our culture's being expanded into the more pop culture universe in the explicit way it has been in the last decade. I have mixed feelings about it. That said, Jennifer rules. I liked her in FF too.-QH

  2. FANTASTIC FOUR is where Jen really began to shine under the pen of John Byrne - fun stuff!