Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My moment of a lifetime

it's no secret that i've been a fan of actress/singer lynda carter and because of her, wonder woman, the amazon princess who rights wrongs and often makes allies of enemies, a character carter famously portrayed in the mid to late seventies on television. flash forward to now and lynda is on a cd signing tour with barnes & noble promoting her third album (which I blogged about not long ago). i finally had my moment of a lifetime when i met the woman who inspired me to read comic books, that germinated my interest in art, and thus my teaching art as a career!

almost two hours before lynda was due to appear a line began to form. my boyfriend and i decided i would wait in line with cd in hand while he fetched lunch, we would eat while we waited. the crowd was a mix of anxious lifelong fans of lynda and curious onlookers hoping to catch sight of the latest celebrity to visit boston. i was pleased i made friends in the crowd to keep my mind of the clock and also to help forget my nervousness of meeting my childhood idol. without warning, lynda appeared thanking everyone for showing up! i was immediately taken aback at how strikingly beautiful this woman was -- a well earned reputation she garnered over the years.

almost immediately lynda began signing cd covers and answering questions. everyone was in awe, but lynda wasn't the least bit pretentious and seemed rather gracious to even those few fans who were ... over the top.

when my turn came to meet lynda i was afraid i would begin to babble, but lynda's poise and soft blue eyes seemed to help put me more at ease as i expressed my gratitude for the precious memories she gave me.

i couldn't contain my excitement when lynda realized who i was after a short facebook exchange days prior when i posted a painting of wonder woman done by one of my students (age 6)!

While our conversation was brief, this moment building up for over twenty something years will be unforgettable!

Getting ready for summer via music

the anticipation of my favorite season, summer, is quickly building as new music by popular artists hits the airwaves and i rediscover music from the past i may have overlooked. here's a new playlist that rapidly developed in a day or two time.

Video Playlist Vol. 4