Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Update: I'm a survivor, 1 year later

Art by Ross Andru & Mike Esposito, 1967.
a year ago this month i endured a serious accident and miraculous recovery! i wrote about the experience here,

I'm a survivor

days later i had a wonderful birthday with friends, made all the more special after realizing i had a second chance at life. unfortunately, the following afternoon i was rushed to the er again! apparently my spleen had been discreetly bleeding and poisoning my other organs and it would be nearly 2 months before i was able to return to the things i enjoy like walking the dog, jogging, or teaching. in all i was hidden away from the world for an entire 12 weeks.

my life has returned to its standard craziness, though i still endure headaches and severe back pain from time to time. i'm told these symptoms of the accident may never completely go away. i've learned to cope and to listen to my body better. if it tells me i need to stay in for the night, i will. if the body feels like it needs a break, then i'll skip a workout. in the end, i think this accident was a way for the universe telling me to slow down, appreciate what it is i have in my life. and i maintain to do just that.

love to all of my wonderful friends and supporters. you make every moment of life worthwhile. the love and encouragement pushes me to do my best at home, in the classroom, or in the studio. thank you!

 a special shout out to mrs. mary lou morse, joseph holladay, and barbara binkowski who have done more for me than one could ever imagine. x

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