Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beyond Wonder Woman there is a real chanteuse in lynda carter!

lynda carter has been all over the country in recent weeks promoting her third album, Crazy Little Things, from appearing on tv to touring her popular musical act in well-known clubs. major interest in carter stems from her role as television's original wonder woman as well as a new series starring the iconic character that's due to air later this year. but beyond the amazing amazon who regularly lassoed evildoers and the glamor carter has been exuding since the mid-seventies, there is a very soulful voice that is evident with this record. carter continues to take songs of bygone eras and adds her own twist with a little r&b, country, and rock & roll. these songs of different genres become a whole under carter's care into a more mellow contemporary blend. at first listen, my favorite remake was john denver's, "Leaving On a Jet Plane", a melodic ballad carter has now made all her own. also to compliment carter's vocals is an outstanding band that highlights the songstress in magnificent ways (check out, "Let the Good Times Role") into a perfect blend of harmonic beauty and excitement. friends who have seen carter's show tell me she and said band are amazing live, judging my what is heard with this cd, i would whole heartily agree. there are a few tracks that when listening you can't help but start shaking from side to side, "Choo Choo" being a prime example! overall this is a fun new album from a hollywood legend who's doing what she loves to do and the proof is here with, Crazy Little Things, available in record stores or online today.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Music to inspire you

getting to my painting studio outside of the state has proven difficult as of late so i'll be working on some creative projects from home as i have no classes to teach on mondays. i've created an extended playlist of tunes that have inspired me over the years in one form or another. perhaps you'll find they do (or have done) the same for you. cheers!

Video Playlist Vol. 3