Tuesday, November 30, 2010


as the director of youth programing and his staff finalize the winter and spring semesters at the worcester art museum, i'm pleased to confirm as of this posting two classes i'll be teaching!

starting january 11, 2011, FUNdamentals of Sculpture, 11-13 years old - students and i will start with basic sculpting materials and tools to produce individual pieces of art inspired by various works exhibited at the museum. as the semester progresses so will the creativity! surprises are in store for all involved as this learning experience expands a child's imagination and basic understanding of the fundamentals of sculpture!

starting march 19th, 2011, Painting Intensive, 14-17 years old - for the serious artist looking to perfect his/her skills and hone their talent in ways to prepare them for college, art school, and beyond. using my own personal and professional experiences as a student and artist, as well as historic stories of artists highlighted in the museum galleries, i will begin to introduce the career of the artist with its challenges and great rewards. a regular sketchbook will be kept, weekly critiques conducted, and work outside class will be assigned. a variety of techniques, tools, and materials will be used before each student begins one final piece to be shown in the musuem student show in mid spring.

also, starting as of february 1st, i'll be taking on new clients for private art lessons in anything studio art related or tutoring in art history. more on that later in the week!