Sunday, February 19, 2012

Old sounds made new

an emerging trend has begun to form of classic big band music of past eras creeping into today's music. i have to confess, i like it. as a lover of dance music i was pleased to see it becoming mainstream a few years ago until suddenly everyone was doing it and it lost much of it's magic. this new revolution could potentially go the same route, but for now, i'm happy to be enjoying new music that doesn't follow the latest fads.

Random comic book panel of the month

Nightwing Annual #2

Me. You?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, 2012!

Peace and love to all!

How involved should parents be in their child's education?

taken from my educator blog:

new hampshire recently passed a new law that allows parents to opt their child out of a class if they do no approve of a particular lesson. learn more and read my response as a public school art teacher at the link below.

Art Class With Mr. Wilber

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Up and coming: Roses Gabor

i distinctly remember when i first discovered singer/songwriter, roses gabor. i was making a weekend mix for the car ride to the cape, one of several for the summer last year. i came across SBTRKT's Pharaohs and immediately added it to my iPod. the song, featuring gabor, stayed on every music list i made for the next several months. to my surprise gabor has been featured on several songs in the last few years, just type in her name on iTunes. recently the artist has released a mixtape of several songs for fans new and old to get a taste of what's to expect from her debut cd, due for a future release. there is an undeniable energy and grace to gabor's lovely voice, that combines hints of soul, r&b, with hip-hop. roses gabor is due to overcome the music airwaves and club houses - just watch!