Saturday, May 15, 2010

Warming up for summer

summer is by far my favorite season, but i have a fondness for this time of year as spring comes closer to ending and summer prepares to begin. there's something about the energy of life that spreads throughout the world, wherever you are, it allows you to really enjoy being alive! the dog and i are enjoying longer morning and afternoon walks and jogs with the unseasonably warm weather and we're so much the better because of it. usually i have one or two major trips planned for the upcoming season, but i've been accepted as a youth art director/instructor for a nearby community center and i'm more energized than ever as i come closer to tackling a role that's destined to be a challenge (i'm basically restarting a dying program from its ashes). it's important to have your skills and talent tested from time to time and to strive for creativity - sometimes forcing yourself to stretch your imagination.

in the meantime, a herald of summer for my boyfriend and i is our penchant for summer anthems. remember a song that stuck with you from your childhood that you just couldn't get enough of and several years later it still invokes those same emotions when you first heard it? we still get excited for that one (or two songs) that we'll play continuously from june to august until the late night parties and long afternoons on the beach slowly end. right now there seem to be a few options for which song we'll enjoy the most in the coming months, but for your consideration i'm offering links to what we're listening to now.

Christina Aguilera, 'I'm Not Myself Tonight'

christina's new song is a forceful blast to critics and haters and empowering to those who want to cut loose once and awhile. the video is certainly controversial for many reasons, but i've deduced that's possibly why i enjoy it so much.

Kylie Minogue, 'All the Lovers'

pure pop and disco, kylie again produces a song that expresses exactly how i see myself, lots of energy, love, and bursting with positivity. the sarcastic b!tch in me loathes my upbeat bubblegum personality, but it's something that sustains me and i've learned to accept all of me (finally).

Kelly Rowland, 'Commander'

last year's summer anthem went to kelly and compadre, david guetta, who teamed up for the song, 'when love takes over'. this fierce jam forces everyone to the dance floor as soon as the beat begins to blare over the speakers and the word, "dance", ominously sounds repeatedly.