Friday, January 27, 2012

Album review: "Affection" by Jody Watley

with grammy award winning solo artist, jody watley, about to have a birthday just around the corner (january 30th), it felt like the perfect time to post an album review of one of my favorite watley albums. deciding on what album to discuss, well, that wasn't easy. jody watley has, to date, nine worthwhile albums that have been released in the last two decades. the artist's music has spoken to me since i was young; even in the womb if you count her time in the band, shalamar, which my mom was jamming out to while she was pregnant. watley encompasses pop, soul, rap, funk, dance, jazz, and r&b into her innovative music and has been renown for her songwriting, individual style, dancing, and positive messages that she shares with fans through every album. each record that jody has released comes from the heart and is instantly relatable to listeners.

that being said, i finally decided to review 1995's, Affection, the first release from watley's own record label, avitone. as every album before, this was an evolution of the previous as jody continued to expand her range of genre bending sound. in classic jody watley fashion, there is plenty of encouragement to get you to move with, '(we gotta be) together', 'the way' pts. 1&2, and 'pride and joy'. also with this record there is sex without being over the top for sales. rather it comes in a more organic (and powerful) fashion, something missing from today's popular artists. title track, 'affection', 'the beat don't stop', and 'all night love affair' are proof of that. watley doesn't rely on gimmicks, rather she flies forward with confidence and out of sight grace that brings you on a smooth and joyful journey. 'stay' reveals the strength of watley's voice and undeniable talent. a personal favorite from Affection is, 'i care for you'. the song sounds as though it may have come right from watley's own diary as it describes what can happen when a couple falls out of love. i can't stress enough how poignant jody's lyrics are in every song, each word chosen with careful consideration. jody watley is not just a pretty face, Affection proves that.

as fans clamour for jody to finish her current work in progress, Chameleon, there is an expansive collection of music that the artist has produced to look back on in preparation for her new album. i grew up with jody watley, as i have followed her solo career from the beginning, and relished in her triumphs, and wept with downfalls -- all that paralleled my own. if i were to describe what jody watley's music does for me, in particular the songs from Affection, i would say it instills me with positivity, hope, and a greater sense of self. that, and i never want to stop dancing!

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