Friday, August 19, 2011

Final playlist of summer 2011

i personally don't feel this has been a great summer of music, but that's not to say i haven't discovered or rediscovered some classics from years past. this will be most likely my last playlist of the season that i post, but i'm pleased to report that although this year's summer has been -- blase, it should end with a bang as my boyfriend and i have plans to end the month with a tour of southern mexico. cheers to all!

Video Playlist Vol. !0

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

National night out 2011

i'm very pleased to have been asked to helm the worcester art museum's booth for tonight's special event happening all across the united states. national night out was created to promote safe and drug-free neighborhoods and partnerships with law enforcement officials. i'll be promoting summer session two classes and future fall classes for which scholarships through our outreach department are available. while talking about the positive programming we offer, my assistants and i will be working to make windsock kites with young attendees - should be lots of fun! the party runs from 4-8pm, on bell hill, the corner of Belmont St and Oak Ave. check your local city or town announcements to see if there is a national night out celebration in your area.