Monday, August 23, 2010

Holding nothing back

a key point in the process of a painting for me is the initial jump start, usually inspired by a song or image that germinate an idea for a stellar piece of art all my own. often times it's several songs and the music videos that correlate with each that become a play list for a series of several pieces that come together in my studio. this past weekend was intense in the regards that i've learned a lot about who i am as i've begun putting myself out in the world again after several weeks of breaking up with my ex-partner of three years. what follows is how i divided up my weekend into music. some songs absolutely describe what was pouring out of my brain or heart, others are more for the mood that can be used to describe an experience, and some songs are used for the narrative of others who were participants of my friday to sunday excursion. i'm curious to see what develops in my sketchbook and on blank canvases as i continue to listen to this weekend play list. the list is still a work in progress, but for now, this is what has developed.

friday morning

1. 'Since You've Been Gone' - Kelly Clarkson
2. 'Spotlight'- Jennifer Hudson
3. 'Looking For a New Love' - Jody Watley

friday night

4. 'Can't Handle Me' - Flo Rida
5. 'Speak 'N Spell' - Elin Lanto
6. 'Not Myself Tonight' - Christina Aguilera

saturday morning

7. 'Can't Beat the Feeling' - Kylie Minogue
8. 'Upside Down' - Diana Ross

saturday night

9. 'Take Your Time' - SOS Band
10. 'Go Deep' -Janet Jackson
11. 'Cooler Than Me' - Mike Posner
12. 'Whatya Want from Me' - Adam Lambert

sunday morning

13. 'Love Don't Live Here' - Bananarama
14. 'I Hate You So Much Right Now' - Kelis
15. 'Behind Those Hazel Eyes' - Kelly Clarkson
16. 'We All Sleep Alone' - Cher

August Weekend Playlist '10

Monday, August 9, 2010

Album review: Jody Watley, "Flower"

i’ve been a fan of jody watley since my youth, when this amazing artist first struck out on her solo career from the popular, shalamar. my mom, my aunt, even my regular babysitter were all fans of watley which ensured that I kept up with her career through the ‘90s. But somehow, I never discovered watley’s album, “flower”, so imagine how surprised I was when I found it on itunes! After some digging i found that the album was meant to be a comeback for jody watley, but problems with the label prevented a states-side release and prompting watley to almost decide on a musical retirement! After getting the album downloaded onto my ipod, i can understand watley’s frustration – this is an AWESOME album.

i received this album at a perfect time in my life as i was just separating from my partner of three years and for the first time in a LONG time, striking out on my own. “flower” is almost an echo of my own personal journey from start to finish as watley soulfully sings of love, passion, unfortunate breakup, but later emancipation, and inner strength. the ballad, ‘just one more time’, is ripe with such strong emotion and beauty that I thought I would cry at first listen, and – whitney who? ‘if i’m not in love’ is yet another powerful love song to add to the lengthy list owned by jody watley. watley doesn’t shy away from her dance roots either, ‘off the hook’, and ‘baby tonight’, are sexy tunes one can’t help but want to get down to!

i’m VERY pleased i now own this album and what’s more, that watley continues to produce quality music to this day. “flower” is a definite step between jody’s “intimacy” of 1993 and 2001’s “saturday night experience” -- highlighting the evolution of this inspiring artist. It’s been several weeks since I first obtained, “flower”, and i continue to play the album on regular basis for whatever mood I may be in. it’s THAT good.

five out of five stars.

Album review: Jody Watley, "Intimacy"

i vaguely remember listening to this album in my youth – i think it was a CD owned by my babysitter, mary, who fueled my love of jody watley. not owning it personally now as an adult has always tugged at me since i lovingly own all of jody watley’s more current material. so finally, early one Saturday morning, i downloaded it from itunes. i instantly remembered two of the tracks through their music videos that had aired on tv, two classics of the ‘90s from my childhood, ‘when a man loves a woman’ and ‘your love keeps working on me’. i didn’t realize it at the age of nine or ten, but ‘when a man loves a woman’ is powerful poetry with a heartfelt message from watley herself to all men and women. I applaud the artist’s unique approach with this song in an era full of violence and obnoxious decadence. “intimacy” is slightly dated with its house club beats, but for the most part, this record is a sexy and playfully soulful journey from start to finish. the ten tracks were perfect for my leisurely saturday morning at my pool and will work for a more romantic setting some evening with a special someone.

three and a half out of five stars.

Album review: Kylie Minogue, "Aphrodite"

i’ve been anticipating kylie minogue’s new album for some time, ever since it was announced several months back. kylie made me a pop princess years ago with her debut album, “kylie”, and I’ve been a long-time fan ever since. minogue explained that “aphrodite” would be a full return to her pop/dance roots that have made her so famous. i found this an odd comment, because her last album, “x”, was more or less the same. although there’s a definite distinct disco flavor to her latest work, it’s fun and happy, much like the persona of the celebrity that kylie minogue portrays. i like it, but it’s all too much of the same – a little too routine – all one flavor. And some of the songs like, ‘closer’ and ‘looking for an angel’ seem very much like filler between more noticeable songs like ‘get outta my way’, ‘aphrodite’, ‘cupid boy’, and ‘can’t beat the feeling’. ultimately there’s more to like than not, so i’m pleased with “aphrodite” as a whole and will forever relate the summer of 2010 with it for giving me constant opportunities to dance!

four out of five stars.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

EDIT: Album review: Kelis, "Flesh Tone"

the hard and infectious beats of kelis' first single 'aceppella' and the poetic lyrics over poppin' music of, '4th of july', hooked me and i knew i had to purchase the artist's album, flesh tone. looking at the track list with a three minute intro and multiple segues between songs, i was looking forward to quite the experience. unfortunately i was almost immediately disappointed upon first listen. "almost" being my key word, because there are a few tracks that i enjoy, but ultimately the album will remain a forgettable list of electronic dance songs on my iPod. i enjoyed following kelis' journey of self discovery and independence through her music of being a single woman and a new mother. 'brave', being the most dynamic track, is a song co-written by the singer and produced by benny benassi and songs like '22nd century' and 'scream' are fun, but not quite as dynamic as i was hoping. while these songs will remain on constant replay in the upcoming weeks on various personal mixes for the end of the summer, i'm finding fewer words to describe the album as a whole. there just isn't enough diversity to go further into detail about, flesh tone.

three and a half out of five stars.