Thursday, August 5, 2010

EDIT: Album review: Kelis, "Flesh Tone"

the hard and infectious beats of kelis' first single 'aceppella' and the poetic lyrics over poppin' music of, '4th of july', hooked me and i knew i had to purchase the artist's album, flesh tone. looking at the track list with a three minute intro and multiple segues between songs, i was looking forward to quite the experience. unfortunately i was almost immediately disappointed upon first listen. "almost" being my key word, because there are a few tracks that i enjoy, but ultimately the album will remain a forgettable list of electronic dance songs on my iPod. i enjoyed following kelis' journey of self discovery and independence through her music of being a single woman and a new mother. 'brave', being the most dynamic track, is a song co-written by the singer and produced by benny benassi and songs like '22nd century' and 'scream' are fun, but not quite as dynamic as i was hoping. while these songs will remain on constant replay in the upcoming weeks on various personal mixes for the end of the summer, i'm finding fewer words to describe the album as a whole. there just isn't enough diversity to go further into detail about, flesh tone.

three and a half out of five stars.

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