Monday, August 9, 2010

Album review: Kylie Minogue, "Aphrodite"

i’ve been anticipating kylie minogue’s new album for some time, ever since it was announced several months back. kylie made me a pop princess years ago with her debut album, “kylie”, and I’ve been a long-time fan ever since. minogue explained that “aphrodite” would be a full return to her pop/dance roots that have made her so famous. i found this an odd comment, because her last album, “x”, was more or less the same. although there’s a definite distinct disco flavor to her latest work, it’s fun and happy, much like the persona of the celebrity that kylie minogue portrays. i like it, but it’s all too much of the same – a little too routine – all one flavor. And some of the songs like, ‘closer’ and ‘looking for an angel’ seem very much like filler between more noticeable songs like ‘get outta my way’, ‘aphrodite’, ‘cupid boy’, and ‘can’t beat the feeling’. ultimately there’s more to like than not, so i’m pleased with “aphrodite” as a whole and will forever relate the summer of 2010 with it for giving me constant opportunities to dance!

four out of five stars.

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