Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm a survivor

a few days ago i tweeted, "the rumors are true, i was hit by a tour bus!" thankfully i survived in one piece, albeit cuts, bruises, internal bleeding, and a concussion. it had been a long week. my area in boston had been without power since tuesday when a transformer blew at a nearby hotel. it was the middle of a friday, i had finished a successful early morning meeting, spent an hour at the gym, and was casually making my way home. just as i was hit, i was at a crosswalk, near a busy intersection when the bus came around the corner. i woke up in an ambulance, almost completely coherent, desperate for answers. days later, i'm home, unbelievably sore and enduring major headaches from time to time. it's times like this when one discovers who his real friends are and i am blessed to find i have an abundance of loved ones. recovery has been slow, but i'm taking this as a lesson in humility and patience -- with myself.

i realize my blog has been inundated with wonder woman references, but friends have been joking that my "guardian angel" was watching over me in her invisible jet. i recently posted this on facebook in response.

As a kid, I often pretended I was Steve Trevor, partner/boyfriend of the Amazing Amazon. It didn't hurt he and I share the same name, eye, and hair color. Lately I know how it might have felt to come crashing down to Paradise Island -- literally. "Oh-h-h!"

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