Tuesday, March 27, 2012


weeks ago, neighborhood patrolman, george zimmeran, took the law into his hands and apparently began following a suspected threat. the threat was seventeen year old trayvon martin. the two men became engaged in a scuffle which ended with bruises to zimmerman and a kill shot from his gun to martin. almost immediately the media labeled this as a hate crime because zimmerman is hispanic and martin was african american. slowly but surely news of the characters of both men involved surfaced, neither one could ever be considered a saint. nonetheless, martin did not deserve to die and zimmerman should be expected to face justice. what i find most frustrating about this is the anger that's bubbled to the surface, blinding people of the facts -- many of which have not been made public. i do appreciate those few reporters and celebrities who want to use this unfortunate event to educate the masses, to show that intolerance does exist in the united states and that we need to come together as one to erase it. 

for more information on the story, click on the link below:

CNN: Trayvon Martin Case

for more on the aftermath, the positive aftermath, click on the link below:

Trayvon Martin's Homicide: A National Movement to Stop the Violence?

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  1. I would shoot an unarmed person too if they were on top of me trying to beat my head in, whether black, white, blue, purple...no matter why Zimmerman was following Treyvon, it didn't give the teen any right to follow up with a violent attack. No one knows what exactly happened at the first encounter, everything is just speculation and assumptions other than the eye witness account. People try to make EVERYTHING about race, african americans are not the only people group in the world that are targeted. Just my two cents...