Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh, occupy this!

occupy wall street! occupy boston! occupy rome! oh, occupy this! protesters trying to speak out against corporate greed have prolonged their camp out nearly a month now and are wrecking havoc on residents and small businesses. no longer are the big guys being hurt (if they are at all, despite some minor embarrassment), but it's the little guys these protesters are purportedly standing up for, who are being most affected. cities around the world are taking much of the same action, but none have produced any results, nor have i heard or read any feasible solutions for them to agree to and decide to pack up and move on. just last week i was dropping off my boyfriend at the train station here in our home of boston and i caught sight of the protesters in the business district. my first thought at seeing the crowd, "these are former hippies of the sixties who never quite moved on". my second thought, "so, this is where the homeless and degenerates have migrated too." i realize these comments may seem harsh, and i know friends will be stunned to find i typed this, but unfortunately beyond the message that their signs read, i haven't seen any positive results that speak to people. i admire the drive, organization, and courage that these people have shown, but now it seems all the good they had hoped to produce will likely not happen, at least not in the way they hoped for. continue to educate the masses, but in more productive ways. it was a good show, friends, now get out! isn't their a plan b?

PS: i hope i'm shown up, and things DO work out for the little guy.
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