Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Album review: 'Do It In the AM', Frankmusik

i had never heard of frankmusik or of his 2009 album, complete me, but upon discovering of his music on itunes, i was excited to find that his latest album would drop this month. frankmusik's unabashed pop/dance is fun, but with some sincere thought provoking lyrics that makes listeners wonder just what lies within the artist's heart. the title track, "do it in the AM", is a fun club bumper, but much of the beginning of, Do It In the AM, is so-so and generic, little standing out from other music being produced today. it's not until the album's fifth song, "the fear inside of me", that this record develops its own retro style, reminiscent of '80s and '90s music. overall i like frankmusik's sophomore album, but it breezes through in just over a half an hour, leaving me feeling like there should be more to offer. strangely enough, two songs featuring duets, "no ID" (ft. collette carr) and "no champagne" (ft. natalia kills) are my least favorite tracks and actually grate on me. i can't exactly explain why, but maybe it's because the album's guest don't match well with the star's own voice. overall, Do It In the AM, is an above average album that i will listen to over and over.

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