Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Album review: 'Here I Am', Kelly Rowland

when kelly rowland released her first single and explosive dance hit, "commander", for her latest album over a year ago, i couldn't wait for more! three more singles were released over the course of several months that i also loved, "rose colored glasses", "forever and a day", and "grown woman". Disappointingly these songs did not chart top and were not added to, Here I Am, a collection of ten songs that attempt to blend an urban/r&b vibe with a strong dance sound. unfortunately there isn't much of a balance between the two musical genres and it almost seems like there are two different albums instead of a single whole. and the songs aren't all that memorable, even after listening to the album several times. the exceptions being, "commander", "all of the night", and the most recently released single, the sexy collaboration with rapper, 'lil wayne, "motivation". but three good songs aren't enough to sustain a full album and Here I Am ultimately failed to hold my interest weeks after purchase. i discovered a deluxe edition with additional material on itunes and immediately fell in love with the erotic and bouncy, "each other". i love rowland's voice, energy, and when the song allows, passion, but the album doesn't provide enough punch for me to recommend this to friends. since rowland famously split from the group, destiny's child, in 2002, it seems the artist has been looking for her own distinct sound. judging by Here I Am, kelly rowland is still searching.

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