Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Album review: 'Drama', Bananarama

i have not heard a more perfect pop album than Drama by bananarama, released in 2005. from beginning to end a listener is engaged to dance, sing along, and often times, hit the repeat button. uptempo sex-tinged songs like "look on the floor", "move in my direction", "feel for you", and "i love the way" flow perfectly through, Drama, harmonizing the voices of bandmates keren woodward and sara dallin magnificently. "waterfalls" and (my favorite) "middle of nowhere" are the album's only ballads amid this collection of dancefused tracks, but proves bananarama can diversify their sound, if only slightly. my enjoyment of Drama caused me to look back at bananarama's discography and discover other gems i had previously missed. the duo's latest album is 2009's, Viva.

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