Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WAM express rolls on

as my internship at the Worcester Art Museum continues my first day of picking up and dropping off 32 kids from the projects and surrounding areas of Worcester turned out to be massive fun, but really stressful. i did manage to find my cell left behind in one of the seats of the bus. i'm sure it fell out of my hoodie pocket as i was moving from seat to seat, trying to get a feel for what the kids enjoyed and disliked most about their art classes. some of the students were so shy, others hardly spoke english. but through facial expressions and some of the masterpieces they prepared to bring home i think i managed to get a good idea that today was a good start for the WAM scholarship 2 week semester. i rode the bus, coordinating many things at once, but mostly hyping the kids up into a frenzy for learning, painting, drawing, and sculpting. i ran into a small problem when the two bus drivers (one was training the soon-to-be-regular driver, nancy, who smelled of cat pee) decided they wanted to chat and be my friend as much as the kids did. and while flattering, i felt as though my focus should be placed on the inspiring pupils who were more than willing to share aspects of their life, culture, and dazzling artwork. hopefully the drivers and i, along with my supervisors alex and suzzanne, have come up with a more complete and less daunting bus route and we'll have less chance of error tomorrow (some parents didn't have their kids at the designated spots, others we missed and had to turn around for). i also hope that i'll be home at the agreed upon 4:30pm, not 5:30pm. that and that nancy will remember to pick me up at 8:45am, not 9:15am, so i'll not be stuck standing in the rain. i need to buy an umbrella ...

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