Thursday, July 2, 2009

Music that makes me move

after nearly floating away in the floods of the highway and streets between boston and worcester even a hot shower failed to calm my nerves. so i compiled this list of tunes to get me motivated to move! you'll notice each video's eccentric style - all have, in one shape or form, inspired me in my artwork.

1. speak 'n spell, elin lanto

2. love at first sight, kylie minogue

3. heads will roll, yeah yeah yeahs

4. day n night, kid cudi

5. all for you, janet jackson

6. heavy cross, the gossip

7. rock with you, janet jackson

8. i believe in you, kylie minogue

9. magic, robin thicke

10. no more i love yous, annie lennox

11. automatic, ultra nate

12. love game, lady gaga

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