Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Farewell mr. jackson ...

it's hard to believe that michael jackson has died at the age of 50. as i was pounding away on the treadmill thinking of the million concerns i have to think about, i couldn't help but notice the wide screen tv above in front of me. it was displaying the millions of fans flocking to michael's memorial service to be held later this afternoon.

say what you will about the megastar entertainer, despite the many discussions of controversy surrounding him, one or more of michael's songs touched us and still sends us back to a better place in our memories. to my generation this could be compared to what the death of elvis was for my parents' generation. i still remember practicing the dance moves from the Beat It video, or being absolutely terrified of the Thriller song (vincent price has the most chilling laugh at the close!) oh, and one halloween my little brother dressed up as michael when he was six - an amazing costume with face paint put together by my aunt.

farewell, mr. jackson - thanks for so many great times!

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