Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The current united states government

i'm frankly disgusted with congress as of late. while the american people faced economic doom, members of the house were bickering like school children. although going off the "fiscal cliff" was delayed, we'll be back to this soon unless democrats and republicans can agree on viable tax plans. i will say, i've become a bigger fan of vice-president joe biden for his apparent part in 'saving the day'. 

Read more here, "House Votes To Approve 'Fiscal Cliff' Legislation"

Update: noon today i read this. as if the above wasn't enough to dislike our current heads of government, "House Ignores Storm Relief: to Fury of Local Republicans"

i've grown increasingly dissatisfied with the american political system these last few weeks. the people in charge of our country are supposed to be out for our country's best interest. that no longer appears to be the case. maybe i'm just old enough to realize it, or perhaps i'm finally taking a strong enough interest in my country's well being to research the sordid facts. nonetheless i'm disappointed. it should be noted i'm not holding any one person (or party) totally accountable. i'm talking about the whole.

not a brilliant start to a new year, america. 

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