Monday, January 7, 2013

Recognizing a "pioneer of television"

Lynda Carter, The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, 1974
i grew up reading my father's collection of '60s and '70s comic books before starting my own collection in the '80s. i knew wonder woman through those books and reruns of the popular TV show that originally aired nearly a decade before i was born. 'wonder woman' came on early saturday mornings before the usual cartoons. i would sneak down to the family room before anyone else was up and absorbed myself in the thrilling adventures of the amazon princess. lynda carter's role, along with the strong women in my family, inspired me beyond measure and helped mold a young impressionable boy for the good. i'm pleased that ms. carter is being recognized as a "pioneer of television". i take the lessons i learned about acceptance, equality, love, peace, and yes, sisterhood, and transfer them to my daily life, especially with my role as a teacher. 

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