Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Graphic novel review

i had been reading so many positive reviews of Batman: Court of Owls, that i put it at the top of my christmas wish list. i've been a long-time batman fan, but have gone through phases in which i decide to collect or not collect any number of titles starring the dark knight. Batman: The Court of Owls served to remind me why i like the character so much. not necessarily because of his determination, will, fighting prowess, or cool gadgets, but rather because of his supporting cast and list of super villains. 

within this graphic novel batman encounters for the first time a new foe, talon, and discovers he's a superhuman agent for an elite corporation of criminals. what's more, as batmam begins unraveling the mystery of the origin of his foes, he learns they have ties to his family. although the court of owls manages to capture and promptly torture the dark knight, the hero perseveres, but barely. with the assistance of former sidekick, nightwing, and long-time aid, alfred pennyworth, batman returns from the brink, this time with that last few pieces of the puzzle. surprisingly, nightwing is unwittingly involved, making batman's next strike against the owls all the more important!

   the novel ends on a cliff hanger, a bit of bummer, as this was a slow build to the meat of the story. i particularly liked how, during batman's mental and physical torture as he made his way through a labyrinth created by the owls, the panels are upside down to illustrate how batman's perceptions have been so severely rearranged. it wasn't until the conclusion of Batman: Court of Owls that i felt i was really invested in the book. batman is a grim avenger, but lightens up (slightly) when around his trusted associates. it's these moments i appreciated the most as it made batman a little more likeable. batman, bruce wayne, has an intense sense of justice, he's a good guy in every sense, and he refuses to accept mortal frailties. it's inspiring and the reader wants the hero to survive to fight for another day.

   terrific characterization from writer scott snyder and incredible pencil and ink work from greg capullo make this collection top notch. the creative team behind Batman: Court of Owls deserves all of the accolades bestowed upon them. the mythology of batman is richer now due to their efforts and i look forward to the sequel, hopefully with more of the batman family involved!

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