Friday, March 26, 2010


"Because I walk like I’m rich.
I talk like I’m rich.
I spend like I’m rich.
But I ain't got no money."

"Rich" (fake it til you make it), Lolene

i haven't posted a blog in months and i feel like i need to have something up to show that i'm stil alive and thinking.

ugh, just when it seems i'm finally closer to my goal of becoming a successful art instructor, something gets in the way. what's more i'm finding myself with less time to devote time to my craft, my art, because i'm either so incredibly busy working as an instructor, or i'm too tired to actually focus and work. hours go by and i stare at blank canvases unable to decide on my first paint stroke. i'm sure i'm trying to hard and that eventually it will come, but i'm a very impatient person, especially with myself. i have plenty of plans and dreams, so does alex, but until he completes college and i find the success i covet, well it seems we'll have to continue to pretend we're closer to making it. this is post is surprisingly vague, but i just don't have the energy to press further. i can only just hope that things work out for the best and i'm able to keep my usual positive attitude going. in the meantime, i'll post a picture of me in front of my latest creation, "My Reality".

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