Monday, March 29, 2010

Twitter is taking over!

friends often mock me for my addiction to twitter, the online community site dedicated to social networking that allows you to leave a message or "tweet" only 140 characters long. originally i got into twitter to follow my favorite celebrities to keep up with news and gossip direct from the source. later i found it had purpose to keep my other network site profiles like facebook and myspace updated. you can even read my tweets on this blog page! it also seems more people read tweets than their emails or listen to their phone messages now because a tweet must be to the point due to its short length. anyway, it seems twitter is responsible for not just dishing the dirt on neighbors, actors, and musicians, according to the New York Times those of the arts, particularly ballerinas, who up till now how remained mum artists. and apparently not everyone is pleased with what they're reading - check it out!

Ballet Stars Now Twitter as Well as Flutter,
by Gia Kourlas

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