Thursday, February 28, 2013


Journey of Life, Shirley Oxborough
i recently wrote a short letter to friends, family, coworkers, and former professors who in some shape or form touched my life in a positive way. the response has been overwhelming and i'm glad i took the steps to let them know how it is they've helped me along on my journey of life. despite setbacks, obstacles, and hard times -- i am blessed.

Dear friend,

Early this morning, during my usual three mile jog, I had the notion to send a brief note to all those who have done something special for me in the past. You may have encouraged me when I was down, given me a smile or hug when I needed it most, laughed at one of my bad jokes or stories, given me a place to stay, shared advice, given me a job, taught me an important lesson, or inspired an idea that lead to something great. For any of these reasons I love you and appreciate your friendship.

Thank you. x


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