Thursday, December 27, 2012

RIP Gramp

Alfred F. Morse Sr., 1922-2012
my grandfather, alfred f. morse, died, december 17th, 2012 after a series of complicated illnesses and ailing health due to a lifetime of smoking. fred will be remembered for his quick wit, loving patience, as well as his adoration of golf.

fred spent much of his youth in the army, seeing combat in world war 2, before settling down to raise three children with his beloved wife, mary. for many years he and mary owned five large dogs and two cats and at one point a horse. fred was a huge lover of animals. some of my favorite memories of gramp are his fooling around on the guitar, teaching me home remedies his mother once used, bringing my brother and i to the video store to each rent a movie and video game for the weekend, watching the three stooges as the house filled with his boisterous laugh (even at the jokes that weren't really funny), 'trying' to teach me to drive stick, and his famous line, "you don't have to go yet, you just got here!"

i imagine fred is up in heaven, reliving old times with long passed friends or quietly listening to country music from the '50s-'70s, tapping his foot and knee as he hums along. i love you, gramp.

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