Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy halloween 2012!

i'm hosting my annual schlock horror movie fest as i do almost every year, but this year i've extended it in three parts because of moving and the hurricane that slammed the east coast. i choose different movies every year and mix genuine classics with b and c horror films for sh*ts and giggles. the following list is what friends and i viewed for 2012. part 3 happens tonight, halloween, with much merriment in store!

 1. is a slick atmospheric film with tons of artistic imagery that's meant for lots of shock, but with little effect. the story has an interesting premise as those who log onto a website with reality-tv style torture become infected with madness until they finally kill themselves in brutal fashions. the police discover the website is possessed by a ghost asking for help.

2. The Werewolf vs Vampire Woman is an early '70s spanish film that's actually a little scary where the werewolf must play the hero and defeat a vampire queen who's wiping out a small village before destroying himself (with help from his one true love, of course).

3. The Gorgon is one of my all-time favorite hammer horror classic films. the movie starts out horrifying as the mystery of who is possessed of the spirit of a gorgon from greek mythology plays through up until the very end. then, unfortunately, the monster shows up and she's well ...

4. The Excorcist 3 has some genuinely terrifying moments and plays as a more direct sequel to the original Exorcist film. george c. scott's performance is exceptional as the detective trying to figure what's real and what's beyond the realm of norm.

5. possibly my favorite film from hitchcock, the film starts out slow, then quickly attacks the viewer as a small new england village is overrun with birds out to take over and put humans in their proper place.

 6. horrible acting! lame special effects! sad, sad music! but the crazy story of a young waitress trying to make it big drew me in. when she finally gets her dream wedding, she should have remembered those who supported her because the "freaks" or her husband's traveling circus  seek revenge.

7. much of the same, but with an '80s twist has a a witch return from the dead of modern time and start slaughtering the decedents of her killers in some unique ways. the sexy (and slutty) sorceress has a city of followers beneath new york city and plans on opening a gateway of hell -- because she can. or can she?

 8. zombies! voodoo! (sort of) beautiful women! what's not to love? i do enjoy that andre morell, who plays sir james forbes, is an over 60 hero who shows that age means nothing when battling the undead.

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