Monday, June 18, 2012

Some good news!

Joejoemah Holla & Wilberbeast, 2012
my boyfriend (and partner in crime) of the last two years and i are engaged! we met each other shortly after joe moved to boston from manhattan nearly three years ago. a mutual friend unwittingly introduced us and we haven't stopped laughing since our first date. to many our pairing seemed natural. i, an aspiring painter and part-time art teacher, and he, an advertising exec with a background in art history. both of us share a passion for travel, fine dining, good conversation, and fashion. my aunt and grandmother liked joe almost immediately. as my grandmother put it, joe pulls me down out of the clouds when i need it and i pull joe up with my endless source of energy, showing that he's still very much a kid at heart. once these two alpha males realized they could share the title of, "boss", the big test was a year ago when we decided to see if my collie/lab would mix well with his two cats, a tabby and blue russian. it didn't take long for the five of us to become a happy family. the subject of marriage came up, almost by accident, and it was sort of,

"Well, I plan on marrying you, sure. It just seems natural."

"Yeah, it feels right. OK."

i never intended to announce the engagement until we had rings to flash around and a venue picked for a party to share the big reveal (wait, how did i become my mother?). but joe slipped the cat out of the bag and suddenly everyone knew. not that i mind at all. i feel lucky and blessed to have such an intelligent, funny, and attractive man in my life. i couldn't ask for more! we intend a prolonged engagement while i decide on my next career path, whether it be full time art teacher or something else in the the art world.  joe's support has been instrumental as his life experiences have help guide me on the path i am now. in the meantime, joe and i are happy to share our good news with those we love the most and who have been behind us these last few years.

we love you all!

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  1. Oh congratulations dear Steven!. What fabulous news!. To travel through life with our soulmate. well one couldn't ask for more and to be so fortunate to have found one another in this big ol' world is even better! May your journey together be one of love and joy and lots of laughter. I wish you both all that is love..................kiss and a hug.........Kristin