Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My latest painting

this untitled piece was done for a client for her cape house. the inspiration for this dyptic is the ocean, the need for color in the room it's to be displayed, shapes of objects that interested me in the room, and the earthiness the entire house invokes. it's surprisingly less complicated image-wise compared to past works, yet still painstakingly detailed in my own visual style.

as with other recent paintings, i've wrapped a second border (or layer) of canvas and newspaper around the edges of each stretched painting to give a sense of depth and slight tactility.

i was pleased how some of the added layer of material withered away after being painted and the canvas underneath shown through.

originally intended to be a triptych, the simplistic nature of the design chosen by the client from various sketches of mine fit better on two 15"x30" canvases. the diptych better breaks up the space of the wall the painting will be assigned to.

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