Thursday, September 2, 2010

Community event announcement

worcester, ma has become a third home to me with all of the community outreach work i do as an instructor with the worcester art museum and i'm eager to see the city grow and prosper as a community of its size should (its the second biggest city in new england). through my work at WAM i've seen the best, and definitely the worst that is offered by worcester. unfortunately racism is still a strong factor in the city and threatens to undermine many of the chances of fulfilling the dreams that my students deserve. but thankfully there are like minded individuals who want to see that change. dr. ravi perry of clark university and other community leaders are coming together to formulate a plan based on affirmative action in an effort to organize the city's people. on september 9th, i'll be there at this roundtable event as a representative of the worcester art museum, but also as a concerned patron of the city i now consider a home away from home.

for more information on the Race In the Woo: A community roundtable, click on this link.

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